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We're Rich!


So she starts calling the ones she knows and calls her mom's name. I tell her "baby girl I know we call mommy Stacy but it's actually Anastasia we just call her Stacy for short" She sits there super quiet for a minute and then says are you sure. I'm like yeah for real that's her name. She puts her hands on her head and screams "Oh my God we're rich!" Her grandmother looks at me with her mouth open and I'm like "sweetie you okay" She's says "yes auntie but you don't know what this means. If her name is Anastasia we're filthy rich and we can move to the United American States and buy whatever we want! " Where the hell do they get this stuff. Is there some book we don't know about? No way the mind of a 6 year old is this random so I looked it up and she's actually on to something cause that name does have roots in affluence so I guess she's smarter than all of us - go figure.  

I have to do what now?


I start drowning in the what if's because sometimes you just don't know and I'd rather swing and miss than never play the game. So I decide to submit but I use my latest single instead of the others that were "more professional" because its me and I am really proud of the project - for the most part because I did it on my own. They listen to it and message me back and their feedback is; we need you to really sing this is (talk singing) you know give us some more energy. I took it as constructive criticism for like a minute then I got bummed out for five minutes and then I was in a bad mood I was like - what if I'm not good enough, what if nothing ever comes of this. It was ....... a thing. I go onto my my radio airplay account the next day and boom another new fan and guess which song. That was some much needed perspective. It made me remember music is subjective and yeah I wanna get signed and get noticed and blah blah blah but I also don't want to be something and someone I'm not. Why would I use an upscale pop beat with high end vocals for a song about feeling dark and broken. In my opinion if you're going to bring energy to that you need to seriously bring it or you'll lose the essence of the song.




The lot of us decide we're going to throw a party but all of us like different things so we decide every person will take one turn. Jaiya who is 6 is in love with Michael Jackson. She told me every time she sees him steam comes out of her ears and she sees hearts bahahahaha I wanted to laugh so hard but I didn't. I said okay you get one Michael Jackson song. Next Jaeden who is 8 decides he wants some Soca so he puts in Machel Montano. Ethan is only 2 and he's not allowed to control anything cause all he does is touch so I put in some Sesame Street. Rolls around to my turn and I'm thinking I need an epic song so I go through my recommendations and I see She's So Mean from Matchbox 20 and that party lit on FIRE. We almost broke the bed down - it has a sick beat.

My daily routine


I alternate on these lists to try to cover as much as I can, so my work schedule; I freelance as a writer to pay the bills and pay for my music and I have two clients that are full time. I do between 2000-3000 words sometimes up to 5000 words a day. I love to write but when its not creative writing it can be a little exhausting mentally so I'm really happy when I get to do things for my music during the day. I try to keep it down to 8 hours 12 max of work for the day. My music to-do list is really long because I do everything myself so everyday 

  1. Post or update one of my social media accounts (today its my website)
  2. Answer messages
  3. Attend music theory course
  4. Check on or book media or PR projects
  5. Work on the track for my next single 
  6. Check on and monitor radio airplay
  7. Market established singles
  8. Work out 
  9. Vocal practice



The release schedule for my new single due for release on February 8th is going really good. It seems like the more I get done, the more I have to do but it's really exciting. I really enjoyed doing the cover art. I think it fully represents the mood of the song. I'll be posting a sneak peak to my subscribers first before I update the skins on the website and social media. If you want to be in the know, it would be a good idea to subscribe to the mailing list. It's on the right of the main page. Distribution is also set, in fact everyone has the song already, there are a few places you can pre-order. I will link you at the end. 


Catching Up


Currently there is a lot going on. The most important thing, I'm producing my own music now. My knowledge on sound engineering and music production up until last year was sub zero. Now, I have a list of things that I don't know, that is some serious progress and I'm totally impressed. Laugh my freakin' face off! I loved my first two singles and I'm eternally grateful to the guys that worked hard on it and me but it wasn't perfect and neither was I. Every time I submit my music somewhere, they say, make sure it's a track you're proud of and they aren't it, I can hear the imperfections and if I can hear it so can you. My new single "Is That Justified" which I wrote, sang and produced myself will be released on February 8th. I am so nervous for you guys to hear it, I hope you like. What I can say is that I'm really proud of it, I literally couldn't do anything more, there is nothing I could fix and I hope you feel the same way when you hear it.I hope you guys will be proud of it too.



I've always loved Taylor Swift. People say her music is always about some guy and breaking up or whatever but you know what, being a song writer myself that's total BS because I've written songs I've run by friends who say 'IMG a song about a boy again' and I'm like no, that song had nothing to do with that its about my mom or brothers or other friend sometimes its about the person reading it shhhhh :D music as I've always said is about perception. When I heard she was changing to pop I freaked. I wasn't sure if she could pull it off but same old Taylor, same amazing sound and talent and writing skills and creativity.

one step closer


What have I been doing this week? I've been working on my sound for one thing. There has always been things about my voice I've wanted to change, sometimes I sound nasal, I've got some tongue issues I've hated for a while, I totally hate my range and don't get me started on runs, I gave up on that one - not. It's so bad, when I listen to my demos or mastered singles, I can't even enjoy it I'm just there listening for mistakes, who does that. I'm never satisfied and I'm so glad I have a producer and engineer in there with me because if I had to get these songs ready, we'd never get finished. Something is always 'wrong' and I can always 'do better'. It's good to have someone say 'would you please stop it' in a really 'I mean it' tone.

my happy place


If someone asked you right now what is your happy place, that one person, place or thing that can turn your mood around no matter how bad things are, what would you say. It's always been music for me and I have no idea why, well music and Disney Channel or video games, you guys knew I was a weirdo all this time so don't judge me lol. When you really think about it music is really just an emotional outpouring and so its not surprising that it connects with people on that level. Why did I decide to choose alternative rock though when it's not a main genre here in Trinidad, my guess is too much Disney Channel, it deculturized me (that's so not a word)

coming and going


Lately I've been thinking about how fragile life can be and how its always changing. You know how you always see movies or hear songs about being together forever and  growing up with people and things will never change drama. I must be the biggest freak ever because my life never plays out like that. I live my life in stages and it's scary and sobering at the same time. It freaks me out how I can just move on yet everything still feels so permanent.

Just the normal kind of normal


What a week! Sorry to be so inconsistent guys but a lot has been going on, let me catch you up. As you know I've been  working on building my own home and we've been staying with my aunt. Oh my god she's such a riot, she's kind of dirty and inappropriate but I love it and she loves me so we have a great time every day. The thing is the internet has been giving problems. We took the internet and the cable and the phone from the same provider and now I think they are taunting us, whenever the cable is up the internet is down and whenever the internet is up the cable is down yet we're paying for both so she calls the cable guy and he fixed the cable so no internet. I usually have data on my cell but these house bills are killing me so I'm a bit behind - sorry. Things should be back to normal soon because we're almost finished with the house. Then I can get to releasing the new music I've got for you guys.

stress stress stress stress stress


Those of you who follow me on twitter would know I've been really stressed out lately. Its been a lot of things but there are a few that pisses me off the most. Now I can't tell you what kind of person I am because I don't know but I have a major issue with people not doing their job. Like I'm a slacker, I like having fun, I like taking breaks and I don't like feeling pressed for time, results or whatever, I move to the beat of my own drum and I would never impose these things on someone else and I definitely don't micromanage but that's not a license to be careless, lazy, under productive worker. Its definitely not an opportunity to be dishonest. I don't shout at people, I don't like confrontation. I am usually quiet unless I'm laughing, sometimes shy but I don't have a problem speaking up and being bold when the situation calls for it.



Love is a really strange thing to me. I think we've all been in love at one time or another and been loved out loud or silently. The thing about love is it never really dies it just transforms. The truth is weather you're tall, short, fat, slim, gorgeous or otherwise there will always be thing people don't like about us or we don't like about ourselves. Regardless as my mom always says every bread has it's moldy cheese. I've liked boys obviously they're so cute and in return I've had boys like me and not admit it, admit it years later or reveal to me some deep connection we had when I honestly don't even remember them and yet the worst kind is when you finally build up the courage to tell a guy you like him and he replies I like you too. From then on its a long way to fall.

Blindstupidia Arogante


I've noticed that there are people in life who seem to walk around thinking that the world owes them something. Apart from that being a very disgusting personality trait it is counterproductive and damages the individual which apparently they don't eben seem to notice. I call this condition blindstupidia arogante, no I did not think the name through. So check it, I like when people give me staff it tells me you're thinking of me and appreciate me and I like giving surprise gifts too but its like some people expect or even demand that they receive and that they are treated a certain way most times in comparison to others. No blindstupidia atogante sufferer that shit is earned.

just wow


Do you guys listen to Eminem? I know he curses way more than I can tolerate at most times but thanks to radio edits he's become one of my favorite rappers. He has a song called 'the way I am' and basically the message is yeah I'm this person and it may offend you it even bothers me sometimes but I'm cool with it. If you want to make it an issue though I'll take you on and take you down cause its not like you're without your faults. Have your opinion but just know I'm not gonna change a damn thing.  Great message if you ask me.



Determination by definition means firmness of purpose. I've always considered myself to be a determined person I may have been wrong. I think I'm more persistent than determined. I've definitely given up on a lot of things over the years and rather than it be a disappointment I've learned to live without it. Life seems to be expressed in never ending opposites that attract to form  unexplainable hybrid behavior. 





Is it possible to chase after something so blindly that when you finally get it, it loses its value? I have accepted the fact that I am a masochist, I love the struggle and I relish the chase, which to me is normal in fact I recommend it. Nothing is wrong with having drive and wanting to accomplish things. I especially like that feeling you get when you finally succeed, nothing beats that. Problem is when you carry that kind of mentality into a relationship its doomed to end badly.

think about it


We all expect to find in life that one person that knows us better than anyone else, your secrets, your fears, your dreams, is just like you, someone that understands and really gets you. I had an epiphany yesterday while my mom was trippin' over nothing' that we're really just chasing an unreality because all of those things are not the same. You can spend your whole life around someone and not really know them because situations are what reveal who you really are and even we don't know until we're in it. These circumstances shape you into a totally different person everyday. True there are things about us that are always 'true to form' but they don't really define who we are.

good friends


I saw a whiteboard animation recently about 'what's a good friend' and it pointed out a number of interesting things. To find a good friend you need to get out of your comfort zone and interact with different types of personalities, persons of a different age, sex or culture. You guys definitely got me covered with that one. It's actually been a really great week thanks so much for spending time with me, I had fun. Another thing is that a good friend is supposed to make you better and help you to grow not tear you down and criticize you for being different.

miss miss hit


I have dream balloons, quite a few actually of all the things I want to accomplish. Career wise I know what I wanna do and how I wanna go about it. Some are out there specific like I want to tour with Avril Lavigne and I want her to be my first major tour. Why we're even talking about this is, one of my balloons were popped in a major way recently, November 5th to be exact. Ever since I heard somebody's heartbreak I quite innocently developed a huge crush on Hunter Hayes.


second chances


I'm kind of shy I mean not really but its like this. People who know me know I'm silly and laugh at pretty much anything I have a wee bit of a temper - OK I'm like the hulk - but I'm also honest and kind of crazy and all that jazz. People that don't know me see me as reserved and apparently intimidating. The truth is I'm socially retarded if you make the first move though I'll fall in. I'm actually pretty friendly if you stick with it. But then all that weirdness got compounded by teenage drama.

boys boys boys


Men are pretty predictable creatures. They don't talk about their feeling. They play tough. They act like there is nothing we can do to hurt them. They believe they have no faults. They like being in control. Stop me if you think I'm way off course here. Given all these facts I think I can come to the logical conclusion I'm dating an alien sent from planet Zorgon to see how gullible us "hu-main-z" really are - the spelling is for emphasis and I'm not buying it.

feeling lost


Some of you may already know but for those of you that don't I'm 26 today. Its strange because I was really excited on the first of October but to date I'm rather disappointed reason being I haven't gotten my way. Usually being headstrong pays off but when it doesn't its a bitch. This month was supposed to be huge but my plans kept falling through.

great news


There is totally an explaination as to why I've been so irregular with posts and subscriber content lately. Besides the obvious stuff happens. I actually haven't been at home or near a PC for a while however things are about to change. Great news I'll be going back home soon as in by the end of the year. Why is this great news you may ask. 

a rock and a hard place


Hey guys? We need to talk. So a few hours ago I was laying down wondering what I was gonna talk about this week. Luckily my topsy turvy life did not disappoint and developed drama all on its own. I know being a musician is rough but I'm starting to miss the days when high drama was me trying to get ready for work in 30 minutes because I stayed up till morning listening to music and playing video games and I'm trashed.



My new year resolution last year was to make this year a big one. I started out not knowing where I was going and how I was going to get there. After releasing my first single titled another day in April I had no idea what this would be. Thank you so much to all my subscribers followers and regular visitors yes I noticed you for your continued support.  Why am I talking about all this now because my next single tittled you bring the dawn will be my last release for the year. Definitely not my last project though. 

rock and roll


My favorite genre of music is rock in any of its forms really. Obviously I haven't heard every single type of rock song ever created once the lyrics have a point and there are serious drums and an electric guitar in there I'm sold. I have loved rock music ever since I was old enough to realize I had a feelings I either didn't understand or people didn't get. I love it because its so different than any other genre out there. Thank God for the shuffle button on my cell phone. 



Big Announcement


Sup! How's everyone doing. I have to apologise again for the late post. I have a huge announcement to make that had to wait till today because today is the day it goes live. Band Page is partnering with Zoo Labs to give one lucky artist the opportunity to produce an EP and work with major Music Industry Professionals. Ten artists have been asked to participate and this is where you guys can get involved.

You bring the dawn (behind the music)


Finally got this uploaded. Took me a while to edit. I'm still pretty raw so be nice. I hope you like it. Blog_-_you_bring_the_dawn.wmv

uncharted waters


Happy Friday! What are you guys up to? Having fun I hope. 


What went on with me this week. I got a few things going on but the biggest deal I had to write a Reggae song. The main genres in Trinidad are soca chutney dancehall and reggae. Sorry for the punctuation but I am using my phone and I don't know where the comma is. I don't particularly like any of those but I have to work and the performance experience us important so he talked me into doing a few reggae songs which is the  genre in the lot I was most comfortable with. So I downloaded some songs from jah cure and busy signal and then eventually decided to top line a song. 


I got it in my head that they sing all sexy and sultry and you would not believe the lyrics that started coming out of my head. I am so ashamed and it would not have happened if I was writing rock music because in my perfect rock world boys suck and girls rule. Its a fact deal with it. Anyway after a few frustrating hours I finally eeked out a pretty decent pg13 song in my opinion anyway I just know my bro is gonna say its not quite there yet. But I really enjoyed the experience.

Also on the cards this weekend is my final day in the studio working on the new single #youbringthedawn which means drumroll please you  guys will be getting a first listen before the release. Only for subscribers though so you know what to do. Killervocals killerballad who's excited only me I highly doubt it. 

Lol stay awesome!

Catching Up


I'm the kind of person that needs to know everything about everything. I have a disturbing relationship with the internet but in all fairness its been a good friend to me. I have been negotiating some contracts over the past few months and I realize how fragile and unpredictable things can be. I've said many times before that I'm a writer, its what I do its how I connect with my music the most, its where I'm most comfortable so I can admit to not being the best singer but I work hard at it and practice every day but it doesn't feel like work because I enjoy singing and the getting better makes up for the not getting it right.


Friday Night


Growing up my mother and I were really close. When I started working all I wanted to do was come home and just relax in my room by myself. Up to this day I appreciate those isolated moments. I realized we never got to spend time together like we used to so we instituted 'Girls' Night'. It encompassed all my favourite things and it all started with the letter 'M' Music, Movies and of course Mom. Its like a family tradition now. So my cousin just did exams to get into High School and I have been wanting to plan something epic. I just like moments its what we appreciate the most in life and I always want to make them count.



Am I crazy, most likely but a closer look at the word headstrong reveals a few things 1. You need to be a little crazy - you insist on having your way because you believe that the view you have in your head is the best one and 2. Sometimes headstrong people make history because they fight tradition and break down walls. They create the change they want to see. When is being headstrong a bad thing ........... hmmmmm

Life's Story


Have you ever heard the saying you gotta cry before you sing. Well its true we all seem sweet and positive but we all all have those dark moments  that made us who we are and better for it.  For me it was a lot of things but I read something today that really got me thinking.  It was a passage of scripture from Ecclesiastes 9:5-10. Basically it says do everything you wanna do might as well do it now because you can't do anything when you're dead. I get that now but I didn't when I was a kid.


When was young I grew up knowing that I needed to be obedient I just didn't know there was a line and for a really long time  I let people make my decisions for me and I thought that's the way it should be and it took me a while to get out of that but during that time I was really unhappy. I missed out on a lot if things that I wanted because someonelse thought it wasn't right. I would stay up at night terrified that if something happened to me all I would be left with were my regrets because I hadn't lived.


After a few crazy rebellious years and a guy a really sweet one by the way I grew out of it. I still listen to my parents I am actually good at taking direction I just don't let people bully me into making  life altering decisions I don't wanna make also I blow a fuse anytime I think someone is trying to control me but the good thing is  I  get to do something I love I get to go to sleep saying wow what an awesome day let's do that again. People are still against me pursuing a music career obviously but I'm old enough to know that if you're alive you need to live not with the consequences of someone else's decisions but your own no matter how bad it is. You only get to do this once all the moments and that time is gone forever so make every single day count .

Stay awesome!



What else oh I didn't engage in any musical regime this week huh how's that for a first........... Actually I practiced three times wrote two songs and had a two hour vocal session. But I only checked on my socials twice, it was awful I thought I was gonna die of technology deprivation. I also got some really good news though. I'm working on a publishing contract. I got selected for Band Clash this year - it's on October 25, I'll keep you posted and I'm still trying to work on the new song and new music videos all in all I'm slowly but surely getting a professional schedule and I've got so much work to do I don't know where to start. Usually at a time like this I'd just take a nap but something tells me this is way too important.

Get her done


So it was kind of hard finding something interesting to talk about but I think I got you this week. Have you guys seen batman (the dark knight rises) remember when joker was talking to Harvey and he talked about schemers who panic when it flips around on them. I'm one of those I flipped out this week because I couldn't find my headset but it's a big deal okay I never don't have my headset people think it's glued to face and I think I might be losing my hearing lmfo who cares right  (I'm kidding my hearing is fine). I practically died when my phone stopped working but it's cool I work fast and my new phone is awesome.



We all know there is no such thing as vacation in music right so I'm actually on vacation from my 8-4 job. This time has the potential to be really frustrating for me because I hate having nothing to do. I like scheduling my day and keeping busy luckily I'm working on my next single this month so the jokes on them I'll be having an amazing month off.



As an aspiring professional I should probably get over that but its easier said than done, practice makes perfect and I'm not getting a chance to practice. I got an invitation to a 'Band Clash' in my Country - Trinidad and Tobago. It's in October if I make it through the July screening. I'm kind of hoping I can submit the new song which up to this time I'm still working on. The folks there heard the first single and thought yeah you could do this. So taking this opportunity to thank you guys for your support of 'Another Day' I really appreciate it.

Turtle Watching


You guys know I like stories right so I have another one. So As you know my cousin asked me to go turtle watching with her and honest to god the only reason I said yes was because I thought it would make killer content I mean, I live here and this was the first time I was ever able to see it so the story begins.


A weekend off


I got invited from some friends to go turtle watching next weekend. We're going to camp out on the beach its gonna be a night to remember and I'm documenting it. I've never seen this in person by the way so it'll be my first time too for those of you who have never experienced it. This is gonna be a big deal so I might perform that night maybe do a few covers it's really going to be something. Subscribe for this I'm not posting it on the site. It will only be available for my subscribers.

Crazy Two Weeks


I had a gig last night and so I got home late and couldn't update. The scene was kinda cool. I got to meet some regulars to the venue. Basically they have live performances and Karaoke every Friday Night. If I can get my designated camera guy to be present and on time I'll get you some footage soon. I have a recording session this Sunday and by then we should be finished with the first take instrumentals. Let me just say that the piano in this song is Killer! I'm really enjoying working on this and I hope you guys like it. Haven't laid down the vocals yet but maybe tomorrow  we'll get to work on that.. Do you guys wanna hear it. Gimme some comments on this blog and I'll think about it :)

Nothing much


I have quite a bit coming up this month I'll be getting back into the studio to work on my next single which I finally settled on. I'll be doing my song 'You bring the dawn'. Its a ballard and a song that is really dear to me I can't sing it without feeling chocked up but I'll tell you more about it as time goes by. I suggest you guys sign up for my mailing list because I have a big surprise for all my subscribers at the end of the month. Get in for exclusive 'exclusive content' 

Embrace the Weird


A few days ago my friend turned 27 and I'm 25 so I'm always teasing her about being really old and she randomly blurts out I hope I look like this when I'm in my thirties and I give her the eye because as usual she's way too concerned about her body but it gets me to thinking and I realize I don't want to be the same person when I'm that age. I want to change inside and out. Just today I was talking to a few co-workers and I was telling them how I've enjoyed growing into who I am and why would I want off a ride so awesome.


You Live and You Learn


So I intended to blog on Friday but I had a performance planned for Saturday so I thought to myself I'd hit you guys with a live show surprise but funny story. I line up a gig for Saturday and it was complicated for a lot of reasons. I had classes that morning so I had to go straight from there and the gig was supposed to start at 12:30pm. I wasn't given a time to perform so I took some time to eat do my warm ups and get some rehearsal in because it was my first live performance. 

What do you Stand for


I have really been soaking up all the advice and guidance I've been getting over the past few months and one that really stuck with me was having a cause or something you stand for. I thought about it and this one is really close to me because it's something that I wanted to get you guys in on for a while now. If I a charity or cause that would have my attention it would definitely be childhood obesity hell let's face it obesity in general. Some people have this misconception that fat people are lazy gluttons who live to eat and have not a care in the world about themselves or self image but personally I believe that is drastically far from the truth. The truth is there are a lot of reasons why people grow up, end up and remain obese and generally it has nothing to do with food. I thought I'd share my story. 

Behind the Music


Hope you guys enjoy this video blog

So It Begins


I had countless songs and a book that I just had sitting around up until I met a good friend of mine when I was in my early 20's and she had self published her book and I realized then that if you really want something you gotta get up and go for it. I therefore set up my first website and published my first book. I had initially set up a twitter account to market that when I met some really amazing people that gave me some great advice. I remember one guy telling me if you want people to take you seriously you got to have material that can be taken seriously. I found a recording studio took out a loan and produced my first single 'Another Day' I'm still really new at this so I'm learning as I go along.



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