Okay..... I deserved that


There is this guy I've known for, I'm not gonna lie, about seven years. It's just never the right time for us, when he's ready I'm not, when I'm ready he's not, we've dated other people, it's a hot mess. Recently we were like, okay let's try so I've been trying, I really have but it's just not working. Honestly, with everything I have to do every day, I pretty much pass out at whatever hour of the day my body says "okay, I'm done" This is bad, obviously but you know, I'm not being malicious I'm just busy. 


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It's been a goal of mine to get in shape for a while now but my fat is not cooperating. It's been like that ever since I was a kid. You know how some people get a cold or a virus and don't eat and get super thin - never happened to me. I've played sports my whole life and intense sports - I mean hockey, tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, cricket, netball, volleyball - you name it, I play it and nothing. When I go on a diet I end up hospitalized. I've been working out too, a couple miles a day - nada. I think it's alive and it hates me hahaha. So yesterday I did my workout got to two miles, felt my muscles get tight and I was like - NO you're gonna finish and I pushed and I did. Did my vocal practice, took a shower and then my fat, I kid you not, out of spite INJURED ME. I'm so serious, I'm out the bath and reach for a t-shirt and pulled a muscle in my lower back. 




My friend Keri and I have a weekly check in session where we keep each other accountable for what we do with our time. She's a Lawyer by profession but she is also an author which is how we connected. She was the legal assistant assigned to my department when I was a Typist. I was in the middle of writing my first book and she had just completed hers. She is such an amazing human being and its so great to have people around you that make you better just by being themselves. Initially we started doing it to keep her on track with her pending book but I had to thank her cause she really made me realize some things about myself in the process.


So You Said


I remember my first ever release, I was so terrified. I would have been happy with just one person saying it wasn't complete garbage and to get the point where I want this song out so bad for you hear is such a great feeling. I know I did my best and I know its really good. "So You Said" is all about not letting people stand in your way when it comes to your version of excellence. I appreciate everyone so much and there will be lots of exclusive content. If you haven't yet subscribe and don't forget to follow on facebook, twitter and instagram. 


We're Rich!


So she starts calling the ones she knows and calls her mom's name. I tell her "baby girl I know we call mommy Stacy but it's actually Anastasia we just call her Stacy for short" She sits there super quiet for a minute and then says are you sure. I'm like yeah for real that's her name. She puts her hands on her head and screams "Oh my God we're rich!" Her grandmother looks at me with her mouth open and I'm like "sweetie you okay" She's says "yes auntie but you don't know what this means. If her name is Anastasia we're filthy rich and we can move to the United American States and buy whatever we want! " Where the hell do they get this stuff. Is there some book we don't know about? No way the mind of a 6 year old is this random so I looked it up and she's actually on to something cause that name does have roots in affluence so I guess she's smarter than all of us - go figure.