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a rock and a hard place

Hey guys? We need to talk. So a few hours ago I was laying down wondering what I was gonna talk about this week. Luckily my topsy turvy life did not disappoint and developed drama all on its own. I know being a musician is rough but I'm starting to miss the days when high drama was me trying to get ready for work in 30 minutes because I stayed up till morning listening to music and playing video games and I'm trashed.

So two weekes ago my cousin asked me to come to her sleep over and I said yes she was all excited and so was I but with 8 hour work days 3 hours pioneering time after that 4 hours music time when I get home and making time to talk to the guy I'm dating I'm up to at least 16 hour days and I haven't even counted food bath and travel time. Is it unreasonable that I forget I made plans with her. I think not but not the problem.


I have been dating this guy tomorrow would would make it a month and we plan this super awesome date only for her to message me to ask if I'm ready for tomorrow. And no matter how many times I say sorry for forgetting she thinks I don't care about her anymore. What would you do stick to a promised appearence with your Bestie cuz or ask your guy to be understanding. Answer do not ask your guy to be understanding. Now he's mad too going on about forget it its fine I'm used to it.

I should let them get by on 4 hours sleep and an impossible schedule see how much they remember. I don't even remember what I have to do after this blog. Ok fine vocal practice. Don't judge me. Long story short I hope he doesn't break up with me and it better be an unforgettable experience tomorrow at that sleepover. On a totally unrelated side note I should probably get a day planner.


Stay awesome!


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