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Big Announcement

Sup! How's everyone doing. I have to apologise again for the late post. I have a huge announcement to make that had to wait till today because today is the day it goes live. Band Page is partnering with Zoo Labs to give one lucky artist the opportunity to produce an EP and work with major Music Industry Professionals. Ten artists have been asked to participate and this is where you guys can get involved.


We each get to offer our fans a unique experience and you guys have to do is enjoy it. Sounds good? You can check out my offer in my fan page store at or on my bandage at WWW.spotify com now that's out of the way I had a pretty awesome experience over the weekend. As you know I try and follow back everyone that follows me because let's face it you guys are awesome. You always say or do something that makes me smile or gets me inspired.


get on my twitter feed yesterday and someone from Japan sends me a link they want me to check out because they're really addicted to this song so I click on it and its a link to my first single 'another day'. You have absolutely no idea how sweet that was and how much your support means to me. You guys are making this whole process of building a music career unexplainably priceless. Thank you so much for all that you do I can't wait to release the next single this month. I can't wait to finish the album to perform and to meet you guys in person.


Stay awesome!


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