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boys boys boys

Men are pretty predictable creatures. They don't talk about their feeling. They play tough. They act like there is nothing we can do to hurt them. They believe they have no faults. They like being in control. Stop me if you think I'm way off course here. Given all these facts I think I can come to the logical conclusion I'm dating an alien sent from planet Zorgon to see how gullible us "hu-main-z" really are - the spelling is for emphasis and I'm not buying it. 


He has these moments where he just talks about us. Just says how much and what he likes about our relationship and how unexpected it is. When we don't see each other for a while or I get injured or something he gets really sad like once I could hear the sniffles even though he said it was nothing. He gets mad when I don't get enough sleep or work too much. He admits to things he does wrong. He leaves a good night message on my phone every night. He let's me have my way. He is an alien right. If you're happy I'm happy - who does that.


So I got this really great guy and now I am kinda scared I will mess it up but so far he has been eating my girl crazy for breakfast. The sweetest thing though was last night after a really awesome date he calls me and says so tell me what your best part of tonight was. Told me his and threatened me to go to sleep because it was late. We are musicians midnight is child's play but just in case he reads this one day I went to sleep okay just an hour after lmfo - no sleep. There is a moral I swear and its that he came along when I set a standard and stopped settling. Never settle on what matters in life and you just might exceed your expectations. I have a song that strikes a few of those lines but I haven't recorded it yet so until then ..........


Stay awesome!


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