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Catching Up

I'm the kind of person that needs to know everything about everything. I have a disturbing relationship with the internet but in all fairness its been a good friend to me. I have been negotiating some contracts over the past few months and I realize how fragile and unpredictable things can be. I've said many times before that I'm a writer, its what I do its how I connect with my music the most, its where I'm most comfortable so I can admit to not being the best singer but I work hard at it and practice every day but it doesn't feel like work because I enjoy singing and the getting better makes up for the not getting it right.


So when I decided I wanted to really do music I went online and Google 'famous musicians who aren't good singers' to kind of convince myself that I could do this because I need a reason to fight for something and I won't say who came up but I'm pretty safe I think, I'm among legends apparently - music is such a perception thing - Then I Google how long does it take to make it in the industry. Some people have been doing music their whole lives writing, shows, touring. It took some people twelve years and more to get a record deal and stuff and some people spent their whole careers scraping by as indie musicians but no matter the outcome we love it, we're not complaining.


I decided at the end of last year that this was what I wanted ( I had been writing and dreaming about it for a long time just didn't have the guts to get it done) that I wasn't going to stop until I got it and I can't really say if things are going well or not but I get to look forward to connecting with you guys everyday, once a week on this blog, I get to make music and grow my business schedule, I'm already negotiating minor contracts and I'm barely past my first single and I love this. Its the one thing I haven't thought of rushing at all. I am enjoying and basking in the moments and really that's what its about right. I also read up on professional teams and this week I started negotiating a retainer for my lawyer, my very first and most important member of my 'Professional Team' If things go well I might be able to land a manger in the future. I am so excited and look forward to everywhere this takes me. 


Thanks for your continued support I can't say it enough - Stay awesome!


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