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Crazy Two Weeks

Hi guys!


First of all I really want to apologise to you guys for not updating these two weeks. The rough thing about being an indie artist is that doing everything yourself can be overwhelming and its worse not having a professional team behind you because you don't always have the most reliable people working with you. I have really been trying to get some content for you guys I have been working but my plans keep falling through.


I had a gig last night and so I got home late and couldn't update. The scene was kinda cool. I got to meet some regulars to the venue. Basically they have live performances and Karaoke every Friday Night. If I can get my designated camera guy to be present and on time I'll get you some footage soon. I have a recording session this Sunday and by then we should be finished with the first take instrumentals. Let me just say that the piano in this song is Killer! I'm really enjoying working on this and I hope you guys like it. Haven't laid down the vocals yet but maybe tomorrow  we'll get to work on that.. Do you guys wanna hear it. Gimme some comments on this blog and I'll think about it :)


Speaking of people being unreliable. I've decided to start putting together a professional team. I actually got an offer from a booking agent this week. No where near ready for touring but its a good contact to have. This is so weird because I'm seeing the big picture of where I wanna be but the reality of where I am is holding me back. I want to do so many things I'm not ready for but god I love this, I love music, I love the aspects I'm already into and I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm fixing on getting a vocal coach as well so big things going on its been a pretty packed and productive week so I'll talk to you guys again soon.


Stay awesome!


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