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Determination by definition means firmness of purpose. I've always considered myself to be a determined person I may have been wrong. I think I'm more persistent than determined. I've definitely given up on a lot of things over the years and rather than it be a disappointment I've learned to live without it. Life seems to be expressed in never ending opposites that attract to form  unexplainable hybrid behavior. 

Paul has this thing that is really important to him that is stressing him out but he won't tell me what it is so I advised him to step over adversity and his response to me was I don't understand. He said I don't understand what its like to work your whole life for something and see it unaccomplished. Just because I'm always happy and bubbly doesn't mean I'm never disappointed I'm just a problem solver. When a chapter is done I close the book and move on positive or negative. 


I spoke to keri and she said something I won't forget. She said its about being a survivor. She said its maturing in wisdom having the unique talent to look at life from alternative perspectives. Comforting words that and here are a few of my own. When things go wrong as they sometimes will and the road you're trudging seems all uphill when funds are low and debts are high through the  sighs still force a smile. When life is pressing down a bit rest if you must but never quit. 


Stay awesome!


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