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feeling lost

Some of you may already know but for those of you that don't I'm 26 today. Its strange because I was really excited on the first of October but to date I'm rather disappointed reason being I haven't gotten my way. Usually being headstrong pays off but when it doesn't its a bitch. This month was supposed to be huge but my plans kept falling through. 


First up my single release. Common sense would dictate I wait till the end of the month but I was bent on getting it out as soon as possible since I was behind schedule. I released mid month and I cannot stress enough big mistake especially financially. Then in an unwarranted rush to beat my sister to work I ran straight off a bus and sprained my ankle its all a blur trust me. In any event I was grounded for two weeks and everything came to a halt including work on the banners for the release so I have a single that is released with pretty much nothing to back it up. I swear I am way smarter most days.


Then today after being so excited about turning 26 I forgot. I had a really long hard day at work then right at the end my friend gets a phone call her dad died. Today was awful and I have no idea why but I am really hurt. I am worried about her and its giving me a head ache. A lot worse went on that will remain unmentioned but October really sucked this year. On the bright side at least this blog is done lmfo. Oh well tomorrow is another day nnothing a play list shuffle and some rocking out won't fix. Also I'm going to a retirement party tomorrow I am gonna eat until they kick me out.


Stay awesome!


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