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Friday Night

Growing up my mother and I were really close. When I started working all I wanted to do was come home and just relax in my room by myself. Up to this day I appreciate those isolated moments. I realized we never got to spend time together like we used to so we instituted 'Girls' Night'. It encompassed all my favourite things and it all started with the letter 'M' Music, Movies and of course Mom. Its like a family tradition now. So my cousin just did exams to get into High School and I have been wanting to plan something epic. I just like moments its what we appreciate the most in life and I always want to make them count.


He invited two of his friends for the week so its kind of turning into an epic weekend. So on schedule for tonight I got them movies first of all. I also co ordinated a football tournament - got a trophy and everything - and an awesome game where we stick code names on each other - all starting with M of course -  if you say someone's real name you have to chug a glass of water and if you fail to complete the challenge you have to do a dare which can either be physically challenging or disgusting. They are twelve and thirteen year olds so yes they were excited. I also chocked them full of junk food, snacks and soft drinks.


Its so amazing though how easily and quickly the weather can change. All I did was go take a shower and they got in a fight and my cousin went to bed. I also discovered that even though I brought the game when we opened it, there was no disc in the case, seems I left it in my PS3 which is in another town lol. So we're stuck on just movies for tonight. Its so funny cause I blew off a dinner and dance to make tonight great for them but you know what, I always seem to have fun even when things don't quite go the way I planned. I had to cancel our mall run because I have studio time booked for Sunday but I Got an office sports day tomorrow that I am taking him to. I smell redemption and a trophy.


Stay awesome!


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