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So it was kind of hard finding something interesting to talk about but I think I got you this week. Have you guys seen batman (the dark knight rises) remember when joker was talking to Harvey and he talked about schemers who panic when it flips around on them. I'm one of those I flipped out this week because I couldn't find my headset but it's a big deal okay I never don't have my headset people think it's glued to face and I think I might be losing my hearing lmfo who cares right  (I'm kidding my hearing is fine). I practically died when my phone stopped working but it's cool I work fast and my new phone is awesome.


I also learned a very valuable lesson. I had some things that I set out to do and things kept coming up and I couldn't do some of them and I learned actions speak louder than words and I decided to get up every morning and just do what I got to do and not even talk about it. Been working out just fine, I've also been keeping up with my work outs my clothes are literally falling off of me it's both frustrating and seriously funny. I'll upload some pictures soon when I physically look like I lost weight instead of just changing clothes. Not that it matters much I'm working on music videos yes I'm very excited. I got a lot planned hope I get it all done but following my own advice actions speak louder than words.


Lastly perseverance is a big deal. I was getting ready to wind down on my promo of my first single 'Another Day' when I got an offer from and industry professional for a publishing contract. I need to answer him soon but I don't know how to say I don't think I want the contract. I should be happy he even offered right but I don't think it's a profitable - in my best interest deal. It's just decisions you make early on are so key to future growth and I don't want to make one that I doubt because they tend to turn into regrets. The way I see it, if I keep working hard and keep producing quality work I won't have to worry about things like this - agreed!


Stay awesome!


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