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good friends

I saw a whiteboard animation recently about 'what's a good friend' and it pointed out a number of interesting things. To find a good friend you need to get out of your comfort zone and interact with different types of personalities, persons of a different age, sex or culture. You guys definitely got me covered with that one. It's actually been a really great week thanks so much for spending time with me, I had fun. Another thing is that a good friend is supposed to make you better and help you to grow not tear you down and criticize you for be different.


I have been blessed with really great friends. Their most appealing quality is that they can tolerate me with a smile. I mean it, I'm always off on my own beat - music wise - I miss dates and honestly I think I can be really annoying, the point is no one yells atme . Worst of all I definitely don't keep in touch as much as I should but this week I have to give a huge ' I love you' to one of NY bff's.


She did something that upset me and I kind of misbehaved, anyway, while I was off being upset she was off being a good friend. She called me up the next day and apologized and explained what really went down and I apologized too because I probably did over react. That's what a good friend is all about we don't hold mistakes against each other and we bring out the best in the other. I called her up yesterday and we scheduled a girls night sleep over - can't wait - I have the best friends and I hope I'm a good one, to all you great ones out there ........  


Stay awesome!


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