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great news

There is totally an explaination as to why I've been so irregular with posts and subscriber content lately. Besides the obvious stuff happens. I actually haven't been at home or near a PC for a while however things are about to change. Great news I'll be going back home soon as in by the end of the year. Why is this great news you may ask. 




When I started out I had a lot of time and most important privacy to work be creative practice think and yes goof off. But when we started building our home and I moved to my aunt's not so much but I had electronic connects. Now I'm at my sister's I have neither so the grey news is I'll be able able to refocus on you guys which means blogs exclusive subscriber content live covers and YouTube videos. I can't wait.




I will also be able to work on myself freely. I get to work out again regularly. I get to eat better. I get to sing as loud and long as I want to and vocal practice till my lungs fall out. I have not spoken about this in a while but funny story. When I sprained my ankle the y weighed me in triage and they had the old time scale where you balance the thingies on top. She initially carried it strait up to 300 and was forced to carry that bottom mother down to 250 take that suckers. I lost 40lbs. I was 320 am now 280. So you get how much I want to get back to working out right. 


Lastly I know Japan is dealing with a dangerous typhoon and countless African and other countries are battling Ebola. Be extra careful and stay safe out there. I look forward to connecting with you guys again soon.


Stay awesome!


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