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Headstrong - Determined to have one's own way. Stubbornly and often recklessly willful. Yep! pretty much explains me to a T. It almost always gets me in trouble and very rarely works out a fool proof solution. What can I say that's just who I am. Actually I applied this quality to my music and its had its ups and downs. For instance I landed two MIP (Music industry Professional) offers with a song I had given up on because the majority didn't see it as golden. Now I'm staring at a possible publishing contract and future licencing opportunity. 


Financially though it would be an understatement to say I am circling the drain. I am definitely staring at the light at the top from the bottom of it but I can't stop. When I want something its like I'm possessed, I can't stop until I get what I want no matter the cost. I want this probably more than anything its 'in my bones' and so I'm taking it on. The fast don't always win the race sometimes its about who is willing to stick it out to the end.


Am I crazy, most likely but a closer look at the word headstrong reveals a few things 1. You need to be a little crazy - you insist on having your way because you believe that the view you have in your head is the best one and 2. Sometimes headstrong people make history because they fight tradition and break down walls. They create the change they want to see. When is being headstrong a bad thing ........... hmmmmm


Stay awesome!


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