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What a week! Sorry to be so inconsistent guys but a lot has been going on, let me catch you up. As you know I've been  working on building my own home and we've been staying with my aunt. Oh my god she's such a riot, she's kind of dirty and inappropriate but I love it and she loves me so we have a great time every day. The thing is the internet has been giving problems. We took the internet and the cable and the phone from the same provider and now I think they are taunting us, whenever the cable is up the internet is down and whenever the internet is up the cable is down yet we're paying for both so she calls the cable guy and he fixed the cable so no internet. I usually have data on my cell but these house bills are killing me so I'm a bit behind - sorry. Things should be back to normal soon because we're almost finished with the house. Then I can get to releasing the new music I've got for you guys.


Let me tell you living with people is not easy. Last week Friday we're sitting watching movies and my cousin looks at me and says so randomly "you're in my space" I thought she was joking so I started insulting her because we do that its our thing we do it because we care. I asked her if she thought my life's pleasure was being next to her oh what am I gonna do without you (get real) and started laughing uncontrollably but apparently she was serious and got upset. Think she was in a mood but I've been punishing her by not doing Karaoke nights, taking 'alone time' and refusing to be my fun loving cuddly self. She's been going out of her way to make it up to me, making me breakfast and fruit bowls, packing my lunch for work, giving me sad eyes. I got home and went into my room for rehearsals yesterday and I got cornered by two of them and someone stuck me in my fat with a pen it tickled more than it hurt but maybe we should hurry and put this behind us lol. Think she's having a bad day today, I'll go cheer her up. 


I think I am settled on what song I'm releasing next. It's called way back when. It's different from anything I've done before, its a little faster a lot more pop than rock and I'll definitely be doing a music video for it. I wrote it late last year, it was more of a just writing thing than an inspiration thing. Basically its about that fear you feel when reaching for greatness, sometimes we allow who we are and where we come from to hold us back and we always look back and think if things were different or I wish I knew then what I know now. We don't ever stop to realize that its never too late to start being the person we were always meant to be. It's never too late to be the change in your life that you wanna see. Its about seeing through the lie that you wanted things better then when really you want it better now and reaching to the point where you make that happen. Stay connected to find out more about the next singe 'way back when'


Stay awesome!


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