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Do you guys listen to Eminem? I know he curses way more than I can tolerate at most times but thanks to radio edits he's become one of my favorite rappers. He has a song called 'the way I am' and basically the message is yeah I'm this person and it may offend you it even bothers me sometimes but I'm cool with it. If you want to make it an issue though I'll take you on and take you down cause its not like you're without your faults. Have your opinion but just know I'm not gonna change a damn thing.  Great message if you ask me.


I get a lot of mail and do as much fan interaction as I can sorry if you reached out and I haven't yet responded and 90% of the feedback is positive thank you for that but some isn't which is fine. Faults weaknesses and even the occasional negativity benefits us. Learning from and rising above these thing makes us stronger better people. There are however some  people in life who have problems they try to make our problem.  They don't like how you look how you talk where you come from you're so weird and we need to see it for what it is their problem. 


Since when do we need permission to exist as we are. If I am short fat ugly and temperamental  saying it back to me isn't insulting. The problem isn't that I'm like that the problem is you don't like it but that's still your problem not mine. It doesn't stop me from doing great things and it shouldn't stop us from being happy with who we are or where we are in life. Everyone is just going to have to live with your underappreciated awesomeness know why because according to Eminem that's just the way I am. Here's to an already epic 2015.


Stay awesome!


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