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Life's Story

Have you ever heard the saying you gotta cry before you sing. Well its true we all seem sweet and positive but we all all have those dark moments  that made us who we are and better for it.  For me it was a lot of things but I read something today that really got me thinking.  It was a passage of scripture from Ecclesiastes 9:5-10. Basically it says do everything you wanna do might as well do it now because you can't do anything when you're dead. I get that now but I didn't when I was a kid.


When was young I grew up knowing that I needed to be obedient I just didn't know there was a line and for a really long time  I let people make my decisions for me and I thought that's the way it should be and it took me a while to get out of that but during that time I was really unhappy. I missed out on a lot if things that I wanted because someonelse thought it wasn't right. I would stay up at night terrified that if something happened to me all I would be left with were my regrets because I hadn't lived.


After a few crazy rebellious years and a guy a really sweet one by the way I grew out of it. I still listen to my parents I am actually good at taking direction I just don't let people bully me into making  life altering decisions I don't wanna make also I blow a fuse anytime I think someone is trying to control me but the good thing is  I  get to do something I love I get to go to sleep saying wow what an awesome day let's do that again. People are still against me pursuing a music career obviously but I'm old enough to know that if you're alive you need to live not with the consequences of someone else's decisions but your own no matter how bad it is. You only get to do this once all the moments and that time is gone forever so make every single day count .

Stay awesome!


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