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Hey guys! 

I'm so pumped to post today, I been storing this one up for a while. So, last week was "Carnival" here in Trinidad and we usually do a little family vaca - we did Tobago, Barbados and we also visit the countryside a lot. This year my brother had to work so he asked us to baby sit his kids which turned into a four day extravaganza. There are four of them but I only had 3 as the baby stayed with her mom,. she is only 9 months old very bossy if you ask me cause when she wants something she wants it now. You can bet we be in fights constantly and she eats like an animal, her sister is always laughing at her. I don't know how she can eat like that with only four teeth. 

The lot of us decide we're going to throw a party but all of us like different things so we decide every person will take one turn. Jaiya who is 6 is in love with Michael Jackson. She told me every time she sees him steam comes out of her ears and she sees hearts bahahahaha I wanted to laugh so hard but I didn't. I said okay you get one Michael Jackson song. Next Jaeden who is 8 decides he wants some Soca so he puts in Machel Montano. Ethan is only 2 and he's not allowed to control anything cause all he does is touch so I put in some Sesame Street. Rolls around to my turn and I'm thinking I need an epic song so I go through my recommendations and I see She's So Mean from Matchbox 20 and that party lit on FIRE. We almost broke the bed down - it has a sick beat.

In my room there is a little 2 foot wall around the perimeter. As soon as Ethan enters our home he goes directly into my room and sits on the wall like its a hang out spot. In the middle of the song the beat hits him and goes on the wall and starts to sing. He can't talk just yet, only a few words so he's screaming, thrusting his head and beating the mattress to the beat. My mom is sitting there with her mouth open and the rest of us can't stop laughing. My battery was dead on all my devices because these kids are electronics addicts so I couldn't record it. He goes on even after the son is done for a good 5 minutes. Mom is like "okay you had enough come sit and eat your dinner". He takes one spoon and then goes back up on his make shift stage. I swear you could pay money for the show he put on. 

After a few minutes when its obvious he is putting on the performance of his life my mom leaves in disbelief and Jaeden is telling me to stop laughing so he would stop performing but I can't contain myself. It was like this little boy went mad. I laughed until tears came out of my eyes and Jaiya couldn't even breathe. Once I keep laughing I know he won't stop. Eventually mom threatens him and he comes down to end a breathtaking show. I wish you could have seen it. After the older ones have eaten I decide I'll put him to sleep cause he had along day. I sing to him and in two shakes he's out. Jaiya fell asleep so it was just Jaeden and I. We decide we'll watch some soccer. We hear Ethan scream out so we run to his room and he's sound asleep. We're thinking that's strange.

We hear him scream out again and we see him tossing, I'm like maybe he's having a bad dream so I pick him up, cuddles, rock him and put him back to bed. The man wakes up at 2 am wide eyed asking for hugs. I haven't slept so I take him back to bed and let him get some love from his gran gran. I tell mom the story of his restless night and she's looks at him and says "you scream so much when you're awake that even in your dreams you scream" she says "the sound can't help but burst from your mouth" We start rolling with laughter. The next night he gets in position to take the stage again. She snatched him so hard and straight to bed. I had to bundle them out the day their dad came they didn't want to leave. Now their parent's anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and they wanna come here. I think I'm going to have to move to Pakistan cause that weekend was exhausting. I dunno how parents do this thing every day. Children are hard work.

That story was way too long, I should bail. Thank you for staying connected. If you wold like news, updates and chances to get involved in the decision making process with my music please subscribe to the mailing list. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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