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I have dream balloons, quite a few actually of all the things I want to accomplish. Career wise I know what I wanna do and how I wanna go about it. Some are out there specific like I want to tour with Avril Lavigne and I want her to be my first major tour. Why we're even talking about this is, one of my balloons were popped in a major way recently, November 5th to be exact. Ever since I heard somebody's heartbreak I quite innocently developed a huge crush on Hunter Hayes.

I had a feasible 3year plan too. I'd do my thing minding my own business maybe collaborate with him one day and make my move but he ups and gets a girlfriend, what the hell Hunter. I think I speak for Hayniacs everywhere when I say patience is virtue. I know this seems hypocritical since I'm also dating someone but Paul knows what's up when it comes to Hunter and we've both accepted it. Now that my balloon is popped I wish them all the best, Libby be good to him we're watching you.

On a sane note and back to important things I have so much planned for you guys I can barely type strait. I've been trying to get a great photographer under my belt, get a photoshoot done before the end of the year. For subscribers that means exclusive photos and behind the scene footage so you know what to do. Just completed an interview with -  I can't say who - but look for it soon in the press and reviews section soon. Until then

Stay awesome!


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