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My daily routine

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I feel like I'm in a fog. It feels like you're existing in a specific space and time while life is existing around to you. Do you ever feel like that?. So I have a system and it's all about the to-do list. I'm still tweaking it but it's the only way I can ensure I get the most done with the time that I have. I thought it would be cool to let you in on what my daily routine is like. Everyone knows I am a professional slacker so don't be alarmed by the schedule I am absolutely playing video games the whole time. What am I playing these days?. I just started back, literally right before I wrote this my lord's mobile game. It's my favorite game - it's based on war strategy. I also play hearts online which is cool cause you get to talk to people and just chill out -it's really fun and I play this cooking game called cooking tycoon. It has the best graphics I've seen. Anyway back to things that matter. My day is split into personal and professional tasks.

I alternate on these lists to try to cover as much as I can, so my work schedule; I freelance as a writer to pay the bills and pay for my music and I have two clients that are full time. I do between 2000-3000 words sometimes up to 5000 words a day. I love to write but when its not creative writing it can be a little exhausting mentally so I'm really happy when I get to do things for my music during the day. I try to keep it down to 8 hours 12 max of work for the day. My music to-do list is really long because I do everything myself so everyday 

  1. Post or update one of my social media accounts (today its my website)
  2. Answer messages
  3. Attend music theory course
  4. Check on or book media or PR projects
  5. Work on the track for my next single 
  6. Check on and monitor radio airplay
  7. Market established singles
  8. Work out 
  9. Vocal practice

When I have a release I have a schedule for that as well that I do those tasks in addition to the everyday stuff. I don't get to do everything everyday obviously but I do as much as I can so yesterday I 1. Answered messages 2. Did my music theory course 3. I booked a PR project (you guys will hear about it in a few days its so cool) and I check airplay almost every day, I did not check it today yet so I should do that. 4. I did  like 1200 words for today so far i have like 1800 more to do before I get to sleep which will be some time in the morning its like 12:am right now. 

It gets a little insane sometimes but for some sick twisted reason I really love doing this. So far Is That Justified has been doing really well, thank you to everyone that took the time to listen to it and share it with their social circle. I literally can't move forward in my career without your support and it means so much to me. Having just one person say, hey I really like your music, just makes my entire day cause I never thought that I could do any of this.  I can't wait till it's all I get to do. I wanna tour and do an album so bad its all I think about.

Thanks for reading. If you wanna weigh in on the music video for Is That Justified, there is a link on the homepage or you can click here to vote.

Stay awesome!


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