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Nothing much

hey guys! um as you can tell from the title I don't really have a lot to report. I have been really busy submitting to opportunities, doing some marketing and writing of course. I did my first cover song its a live performance and I'm awfully proud of it. It's Hunter Hayes' song Invisible. I have been really inspired by him and am glad I got to cover this song in particular because it's a great song. 


I have quite a bit coming up this month I'll be getting back into the studio to work on my next single which I finally settled on. I'll be doing my song 'You bring the dawn'. Its a ballard and a song that is really dear to me I can't sing it without feeling chocked up but I'll tell you more about it as time goes by. I suggest you guys sign up for my mailing list because I have a big surprise for all my subscribers at the end of the month. Get in for exclusive 'exclusive content' 


Till next week - stay awesome!


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