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one step closer

What have I been doing this week? I've been working on my sound for one thing. There has always been things about my voice I've wanted to change, sometimes I sound nasal, I've got some tongue issues I've hated for a while, I totally hate my range and don't get me started on runs, I gave up on that one - not. It's so bad, when I listen to my demos or mastered singles, I can't even enjoy it I'm just there listening for mistakes, who does that. I'm never satisfied and I'm so glad I have a producer and engineer in there with me because if I had to get these songs ready, we'd never get finished. Something is always 'wrong' and I can always 'do better'. It's good to have someone say 'would you please stop it' in a really 'I mean it' tone.

I realized this week though that all the things I wanna change so bad are the quirky things that I like. You wouldn't know yet but there are some things I do with my voice that is definitely signature and when I really let loose it comes out shining and I get super excited. I think it all stems from the people we want to emulate you know. They sound amazing and  you get yo feeling you need to sound like that if you wanna be good too, hit the notes, do the tricks but covering songs as much as I do, you can never sound the same because you're not them and its definitely not a scale to judge yourself on. The thing about music is its an art and as such is contingent on perception.

The key thing in this and in life I guess is do it how you love it. People will respond or not no matter what you do so make sure you do your best and you're happy with it and the test will follow. So I've settled on control. I bet if I master my little tricks one day there will be people trying to pull off mine and that's what makes this whole cycle fun. Learn and grow and remember when you shine you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

Stay awesome!


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