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rock and roll

My favorite genre of music is rock in any of its forms really. Obviously I haven't heard every single type of rock song ever created but once the lyrics have a point and there are serious drums and an electric guitar in there I'm sold. I have loved rock music ever since I was old enough to realize I had a feelings I either didn't understand or people didn't get. I love it because its so different than any other genre out there. Thank God for the shuffle button on my cell phone.


With so much music bombarding you these days its so easy to get caught up in a new thing that you're really into but thanks to shuffle features you always find your way back and sometimes in a big way. I have been admittedly obsessed with country for the past few months. In my opinion they're one of the strongest lyrically and after listening to a country song I feel like I need be a better songwriter. The iheart radio music festival is this weekend and I decided to check out some older ones on YouTube and came across linkin park. 


Big band, big vocals and amazing lyrical content which is why they're one of my favorite bands. listening to their new stuff reminded me of why I love rock and roll. Country has the unique ability to come out and say exactly what you're thinking or how you really feel about something, its about saying it rock is about feeling it. Rock is about putting so much emotion into what you're saying that everything you feel just comes out and you lay there after that song emotionally spent and free and you don't even really need to to talk about your feeling after an episode like that you feel pretty much covered. 


Hard to understand I  know but that's the beauty of rock and roll. I hope you guys get to check out the iheart radio music festival this weekend its gonna be awesome with every genre under one roof. Hopefully I get to be a part of it soon.


Stay awesome!






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