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So It Begins

I thought for my first blog that I will try to do as often as possible I'd tell you guys how and why I decided on getting into the music industry. Music and writing has been a big part of my life for as long as I remember. I grew up in a really strict home and so sometimes the only way I felt like I could be heard was to write a letter or sing a song that nailed my feelings. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago and probably the way I did (sheltered) it was never an option for me pursuing this career but it didn't stop me from putting in the work.


I had countless songs and a book that I just had sitting around up until I met a good friend of mine when I was in my early 20's and she had self published her book and I realized then that if you really want something you gotta get up and go for it. I therefore set up my first website and published my first book. I had initially set up a twitter account to market that when I met some really amazing people that gave me some great advice. I remember one guy telling me if you want people to take you seriously you got to have material that can be taken seriously. I found a recording studio took out a loan and produced my first single 'Another Day' I'm still really new at this so I'm learning as I go along.


Every day if i'm not singing, I'm writing something and it's always been that way. The first people that really inspired me when it came to my music career was first of all believe it or not HANNAH MONTANA laugh all you want but I'm a Disney Channel addict and proud of it lol. I really liked that she was so different, she has this not usual voice and really made exceptional work with what she had which was an inspiration to me because no one in my family ever thought or encourage me to be anything more than ordinary which I hate being. I think I go out of my way to be different I always believed in standing out. 


My family always told me I couldn't sing or do this or do that (really get a high off of proving people wrong) and I know we tease each other a lot but music was always important to me and I think I believed them for a long time which is why I always sang Hannah Montana songs, can't really blow one of those right but singing them made me feel like being something more and so I decided when I was maybe about 12 or 15yrs old to train my voice so I practice every day without fail and I'm getting better which is fun. I grew out of that phase though and I started really feeling Avril Lavigne. She was so badass an stood for being yourself and not letting anybody tell you who and what you are she's so electric and also entirely my style.


I know you guys have not hard other songs off the CD don't worry you'll love them but you'll probably find a lot of Avril attitude coming out. As soon as I found out it was humanly possible to do this that was it, I was all in. I'm a really determined person and I genuinely believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to and as long as I can from today on I'm gonna be making music. All my songs are rooted in real events, even though they don't always tell a specific story about me. Somebody will say something or do something that inspires it. I've learned to walk everywhere with a pen and a pad, never can tell when you'll get something great. 


I'm really into Hunter Hayes right now I think we're on the same creative level (not that I'm as good as him just referring to mental track) I love the message behind his music and the diversity he has which you'll see how it plays out with me. I wanna say thank you to every one who has supported me so far and as soon as something comes up I'll be blogging you. Look out for one about the making of my first single 'another day' the challenges we had with it and how we overcame them.


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