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So, what has happened in the last week. A lot actually but I'm feeling really stressed out right now. Call me spoiled but I really like having my own way. I welcome obstacles I do but I hate losing and I am becoming increasingly aware not just of my strengths but my weaknesses. So in case you haven't guessed it's Performance Drama once again. I don't know, is it asking way too much for me to be able to organize an opportunity where things go smoothly and I get to do what I set out to do. It's a funny thing because I am petrified constantly of singing in front of people. It's actually a nervous excitement up until I actually have to perform and then it's just nerves.


As an aspiring professional I should probably get over that but its easier said than done, practice makes perfect and I'm not getting a chance to practice. I got an invitation to a 'Band Clash' in my Country - Trinidad and Tobago. It's in October if I make it through the July screening. I'm kind of hoping I can submit the new song which up to this time I'm still working on. The folks there heard the first single and thought yeah you could do this. So taking this opportunity to thank you guys for your support of 'Another Day' I really appreciate it.


I feel like I am this close to getting where I need to be, I'm stretched thin and I still don't have it, most stressful thing in the world. Then I sit down to write a song or do a blog and I get to appreciate why I'm doing it. Now this can be categorized as crazy, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result but what can I say I seem to love it, how unfortunate for me lol. By the way the release of my new single 'you bring the dawn' is in July so get ready for it. Stay locked for updates and info.

Stay Awesome!


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