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stress stress stress stress stress

Those of you who follow me on twitter would know I've been really stressed out lately. Its been a lot of things but there are a few that pisses me off the most. Now I can't tell you what kind of person I am because I don't know but I have a major issue with people not doing their job. Like I'm a slacker, I like having fun, I like taking breaks and I don't like feeling pressed for time, results or whatever, I move to the beat of my own drum and I would never impose these things on someone else and I definitely don't micromanage but that's not a license to be careless, lazy, under productive worker. Its definitely not an opportunity to be dishonest. I don't shout at people, I don't like confrontation. I am usually quiet unless I'm laughing, sometimes shy but I don't have a problem speaking up and being bold when the situation calls for it.


Money has never been an issue for me. I grew up poor yes but we never went without and even if we did we were taught to be content. I only realized I was poor as a teenager in high school when I couldn't afford to go places or people had things I didn't have and by then honestly I didn't care. As an adult I'll never tell someone who bills me for a job that's too much or am I getting a discount because fish have to swim and birds have to eat however if I pay you for something I want it done, I don't want excuses and the worst thing you can do is lie. The things people do for money, its like they don't realize it just paper, trees insignificant things, how could it ever be more important than hard work, integrity, pride, trust, loyalty, these things money can't buy. I hold myself to a very high moral and ethical standard and by God, the people I deal with, have to meet it too willing or by force.

Last year before the release of my first single 'Another Day' I did a blog in which I talked about the challenges releasing the song and stuff and in addition to the technical stuff I was also construction my home and so juggling all that with a music career isn't easy butiI've been doing it, as thin as I'm stretched. So I'm upset because I pay for work to be done on the house and not only are there unexplained delays and financial constraints that have nothing to do with me, what do you guys think is going to happen. Did you guess the bitch is gonna come out - ding ding ding. I'm sorry I'm a good girl but I don't do bullshit. I worked really hard to get where I am in my personal and professional life and I'll be damned if I let anything or anyone stand in my way - game on! On a happier note I've noticed the increased interaction especially on Facebook, thank you guys so much for all your support and sharing this journey with me. You make everything I do worth it, every time you like, comment, send me a personal message or we get to chat one on one you totally make my day and I look forward to always keeping up my end of the bargain by giving you music and content you can look forward to.

Stay awesome!


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