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My new year resolution last year was to make this year a big one. I started out not knowing where I was going and how I was going to get there. After releasing my first single titled another day in April I had no idea what this would be. Thank you so much to all my subscribers followers and regular visitors yes I noticed you for your continued support.  Why am I talking about all this now because my next single tittled you bring the dawn will be my last release for the year. Definitely not my last project though. 


Here's an update on where we stand. The release date of my next single is October 13. Yes we pushed the date back only because I really want you guys involved in the process. So cover art is underway as we speak. I got a photoshoot soon and it all leads up to you guys picking what will be the cover art for the single release. Lots of behind the scene photage stay conneceted to see how and when you can vote for the cover.


The topping on this wonderful cake. There will be an official music video for this single. Lots to do so little time. Don't worry you'll be completely occupied till January when we switch things up a bit. I'm not letting out any secrets but prepare to scream and shout and bleed it out - hint hint. 


Stay awesome!


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