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We all know there is no such thing as vacation in music right so I'm actually on vacation from my 8-4 job. This time has the potential to be really frustrating for me because I hate having nothing to do. I like scheduling my day and keeping busy luckily I'm working on my next single this month so the jokes on them I'll be having an amazing month off. 


Lately I have been studying other artists. Being surrounded by so many musically inclined people the experience has been great and you turn into an ultra sponge. I like not just listening to the music but tracking the writing style, appreciating the arrangements. Some of them have been really inspiring. You guys know I been working on my Hunter Hayes addiction for a few months now. I wrote my first real country song off his influence after a few tries of course and I think I'm over it. I moved on to Taylor Swift and I gotta say it's the same genre but a totally different experience.


I had my cousin listen to Taylor's "White Horses" my game changing song and it was no big deal to her and I don't know why it hit me but right after that I had an up all night writing session. I love the way she tells a story from her experiences and in a way it has been something I have never done before at least not like this. After the song 'innocence' came out of it I was over it. It's great being able to learn from others I'm not done with her just yet but I'm really enjoying the experience.  Got some huge stuff planned for both me and you with the new single "You bring the dawn" coming soon so stay connected for updates.


Stay awesome!


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