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What do you Stand for

I have really been soaking up all the advice and guidance I've been getting over the past few months and one that really stuck with me was having a cause or something you stand for. I thought about it and this one is really close to me because it's something that I wanted to get you guys in on for a while now. If I a charity or cause that would have my attention it would definitely be childhood obesity hell let's face it obesity in general. Some people have this misconception that fat people are lazy gluttons who live to eat and have not a care in the world about themselves or self image but personally I believe that is drastically far from the truth. The truth is there are a lot of reasons why people grow up, end up and remain obese and generally it has nothing to do with food. I thought I'd share my story. 


As long as I have known myself I've been overweight. I grew up poor and healthy food is expensive. We could only afford things that would stretch for a family of seven like rice and flour. Some days we had nothing to eat so when the opportunity came around you eat as much as you could cause you don't know when you'll eat again. That was the first time I ever ate till I felt sick so reason 1. Financial reasons. I grew up with four brothers so I played a lot of sports in school hockey, cricket, tennis and yes even gymnastics I was the biggest in the class and the only one who could do a split. I started getting injuries because of my weight when I went to the doctor he advised my mom not to take me out of sports it was the only thing keeping my weight under control but my mom didn't know much about health and fitness and how it affects you so I never knew about the risks or importance of living a healthy lifestyle so reason 2. lack of knowledge. There are also medical reasons that I won't mention right now.


I went through some really rough self hate times. I won't encourage anyone to do that but you definitely need to find that one thing that makes you want to change your life. Maybe another time I'll tell you what it was but I decided that I needed to do something. I used to have panic attacks and a morbid fear of dying of a heart attack. I just knew that I needed to be healthy and for me that isn't being a size one I am actually also terrified of being too skinny so I resolved despite the cost to 1. work out every day for 30 mins without fail 2. eat less and healthier once you live your life the right way the results will come and 3. I never weigh myself because its a cause for discouragement the goal is be healthy.


That's all I'm going to talk about for now but I will love for you guys to follow me on my journey. I started my routine that I'll let you in on when I see how it goes in January and so far I can't complain except I might be growing out of my clothes too fast. I think as a reward for losing weight store owners should gift us clothes that fit I mean I worked hard. If you wanna get involved in the 'stop obesity challenge' post a comment.


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