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You Live and You Learn

So I intended to blog on Friday but I had a performance planned for Saturday so I thought to myself I'd hit you guys with a live show surprise but funny story. I line up a gig for Saturday and it was complicated for a lot of reasons. I had classes that morning so I had to go straight from there and the gig was supposed to start at 12:30pm. I wasn't given a time to perform so I took some time to eat do my warm ups and get some rehearsal in because it was my first live performance. 


I am still fighting a cold which is also why I didn't do the video blog and warm ups were harsh. I got something to suck on to calm my throat and we ended up getting up to the gig like 3:00pm. We get there after driving around for like an hour and the place is through a forest up some hill that no one knows about. When we walk in the guys setting up the bar and stuff are the only ones there and they're telling us the gig is definitely on. We met the host and he was like you know how it is in Trinidad. Now we are habitually late people but three hours late is pushing it.


So I tell my brother who went to the gig with me also a musician that we'll wait an hour see what happens and after an hour only 3 car loads of people show up. By this time nothing is really set up, its four hours late and I'm pissed off because the organizer said it was a Family picnic and cooler lime. When its obviously a party that probably won't start till 7:00pm. Then we look at each other and say 'hold on how the hell are we getting out of here - it's 2 miles from the main road. So we decided to bail on the event and take the hike out. Half way through we run out of water and it looks like we're in some sort of African Jungle and my brother is telling me we gotta get out of here fast cause it's getting dark and there will be poisonous snakes coming out.


So we make it out and well it was only 30mins - 40mins  later so thankfully most of the hike was downhill and I learned a few lessons. Never go somewhere you're not familiar with. Always go with transportation and most importantly find out every single name and detail involved before accepting a gig but it was my first time so 'you live and you learn' right. At least I got a work out. I'll be gigging every week so stay connected for my first live performance video. Hopefully I get over this cold soon and it's awesome!


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