A special thanks to moremoremusic for reviewing my latest single "so you said"
I new video is available on youtube you can check it out here
I writing new music this month and looking forward to the next single - urah!

We had over 11, 000 visitors last month - omg! I remember when it was like 100 - We're growing!
Thank you to everyone single person that has lent their support to me it means so much
#soyousaid has been included on a indie best hits list on itunes! Some amazing talents you guys. Please click the link to gain access.

So you said is out now! Please click the link  to hear it for yourself
Over 1,000 views on youtube and over 4,000 streams on soundcloud - thank you so much!
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My Publicist and Radio Team are on board. Looking forward to talking with you about the new song on air!

Also looking to do some live shows early next year so keep an eye on the calendar.

Exclusive Content has been uploaded! Check out the new page or click here to go right now 



It's Finally done! I completed the new single "So You Said" and can't wait for you all to hear it.

Mixing is complete, I've got the artwork - it is pretty breathtaking

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Hey everyone! I wanted to share a short sound bite of the instrumental for my next single "So You Said" 

Click on the link to access the private link https://soundcloud.com/athyia-alna/so-you-said-sound-bite/s-fM5cN

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I'm still working on the new single I finished the baseline and laid down vocals so I just need to round it out. I promise samples very soon.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to check out my music video. We crossed 1,000 views and quick side note ......

Monthly visitors also over 1,000 this means so much to me. Please keep sharing and enjoying the content!



Hey everyone! How are you enjoying the latest single? 

If you'd like a free digital copy of "Is That Justified" please use the link below :)




Production has begun on the music video for "Is That Justified"!

I'm also working on my next single - can't reveal the title just yet but it's on its way 

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Deliberation has begun on Is That Justified concept video!

Vote here for your say on what it should be The polls will close on February 24th.



Artwork for the new single is ready! I can't wait for you guys to see it - so artsy. I'll be posting sneak peaks, samples audios and more to my subscribers so if you haven't yet you might want to opt in to the mailing list :) 

It's on the right ---------->



A BIG thank you to all the fans that made this coast to coast feature possible - WE DID IT!!! Here is a link to the rock stars mix tape (volume 11) We are on at #12 :) There are some amazing indie artists on there, it is such an honor to have been included. You can click on the CD to listen to or download the full album. https://coast2coastmixtapes.com/member/athyia-alna


Hoping for my single 'Another Day' to be featured on coast to coast #mixtape rock edition volume three but only you can make that happen. Please vote at http://c2c.FM/Qi7z2 


New release! You bring the dawn. Enjoy!  


I just made exclusive content available for the next three days. You get to vote on the cover art for my next single 'you bring the dawn' Cant wait to see what you pick. Comment to place your vote and see if your choice makes it at the song's worldwide release on October 13 


Just over two weeks before the release of my new single 'you bring the dawn. It would mean a lot if you guys helped me pick the official cover art for the single. Options will be posted next week. Stay connected for your chance to vote!


Band Page will be partnering with Zoo Labs to give one lucky artist the opportunity to produce an EP and work with top Music Industry Professionals. Ten artists have been selected and here is where you get involved. We get to offer you a unique experience and you get to enjoy it. Sounds good? You can check out my offer in my fanpage store WWW.Facebook.com/athyiaalna or my band page  at www.spotify.com 


Special video blog #behindthemusic #youbringthedawn see it now in blogs!

 This month I will be finishing work on my next single #youbringthedawn which means first listens to my subscribers before the release. Subscribe for your chance to hear it first.


Finally! without further adieu Athyia Alna - Another Day (Official Lyric Video) see it here http://youtu.be/JmS6h86ZPXA 


New updates available! 


Work resumes on the you bring the dawn single and surprise an another day music video stay connected to see how you can join in the fun 


Talent Cast is a great site for indie music. They have a weekly podcast and voting for the song of the week begins on Friday. Check it out and cast your vote TalentCast">TalentCast


I've been selected to participate in this year's band clash carded for October 25, 2014. Stay locked for updates and info. Voting starts after August 31, 2014. For more info on the competition visit n3wave.wix.com


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New Blog available!

 This month's cover song has been finalized it's Up in the Air from 30 seconds to Mars. Thanks to @luzesita01 for the request and subsequent introduction. I really enjoyed researching those guys. Subscribe to my newsletter for the exclusive or connect with me on facebook at www.facebook.com/athyiaalna or Myspace at www.myspace.com/athyia-alna. Stay connected for info the release of my new single 'You bring the dawn' carded for July 2014.


New updates available!


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New updates available! Leave a comments on my blog for a chance to hear the first cut of my next singe 'you bring the dawn' Studio time this weekend! 

I enjoy writing music and in my head it's awesome but getting into studio and building a song into what you hear on the radio is priceless. Making the music video coming soon!


New exclusive content available. This month's cover song is finally ready we've decided on Hunter Hayes's Invisible. Check out all new updates in blogs and more!


New blog available! check out my calender for dates of shows and performances.

 Thank you guys so much for making debut week so amazing. New content soon

New blog available. Check it out!


It's finally here the new single is now available on all major platforms for download, purchase and your listening pleasure. Check out the store to get it right now.

The new video blog is now available (behind the music) check it out 

 'Another Day' is now available on youtube check it out http://youtube/athyia alna-another day

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Check out my debut single 'Another Day' due to be released on April 30 in the audio section of the site.