Athyia Alna has just released a brand new single “So You Said”, a catchy and alternative-pop number!

“So You Said”, is a moving and sentimental number performed with Athyia’s powerful voice. This new release is quickly garnering Athyia a slew of fans. The artist is absolutely unforgettable, and once you listen to this track Athyia will be one of your favorite artists for years to come.

In this track, the artist has a direct attitude and a powerful message in her lyrical composition. This punchy vibe bears a striking resemblance to female stars such as Avril Lavigne and Pink, to mention but two. Athyia is an up and coming artist, and obviously a rising performing artist to keep an eye on!

Athyia is currently based between Trinidad and the Caribbean island Tobago. However, she performs in English and her music has a universal message at its heart.

This track is inspirational and uplifting, as Athyia bears her soul and explores her own personal experiences. She dives into the struggle to take control and keep your bright inner light alive. In this track, Athyia seeks to empower her listeners with a message of love, support, and hope.

In “So You Said”, Atyhia’s compelling and expressive vocals take center-stage. The ambient and atmospheric instrumental also perfectly supports her performance, letting her vocals shine through in the mix.

Follow the link below to listen to this revolutionary track from Atyhia! Don’t forget to follow her on socials to keep updated on more incredible releases from the artist!

Press Release

Don’t Let Others Dictate What You Do With Your Life...

This is What Athyia Alna says in her 2nd single for 2019

Athyia Alna is an independent alternative artist who sings in the genre of pop and rock. She will be releasing her 2nd self-produced single for the year entitled “So You Said” on Friday July 26, 2019.

What is the story behind this pop centered song?

This is something we all do sometimes. Maybe you let your co-worker's bad mood ruin your day. Or perhaps you let someone's criticism damage your self-image. Any time you allow someone to have a negative influence over the way you think, feel, or behave, you give them power over your life. It will rob you of the mental strength you need to reach your greatest potential.

So, what you gonna do?

Speak up, stick to your word, and don't give in. Even when someone tries to play on your emotions, you decide who to allow into your life. If you agree with this statement or you’ve faced this kinda situation in you life, you will be fan of Athyia Alna and the song “So You Said”. Join her for the worldwide debut of this pop single on Friday July 26, 2019.

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Indie Band Guru (Interview)

Music will always create emotional connections for people willing to let it into their soul. That is the purpose behind songwriters pouring themselves into their music. One such artist is our recent find Athyia Alna.

We had a chance to chat with her and get deeper into her musical journey. Enjoy the interview:

Q: First off tell us about the early years of Athyia Alna creating music?

A: OMG I sucked at everything. It isn’t normal for a single person to be this bad at a skill but I completely flunked out of music class. I didn’t understand notation, I couldn’t play a single instrument to save my life and my vocals were so bad I was the only person in my entire grade to not make the class choir even though I belonged to the said class. I sucked so hard. I was, however, an exceptional writer so I had launched a website where I would post song lyrics and attach little acapella recordings. An A&R messaged me on twitter one day said he heard them and that, if I was serious and really wanted to do this, I’d better start putting out material that people could take seriously so, that’s what I did. I had to learn the hard way around how to make music. Even today I’m always learning always growing, its not natural for me so I really gotta keep at it.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Alternative pop/rock. It’s always a raw representation of exactly how I feel in the moment, just a beat and the sound of your own voice. In true rocker fashion there is almost always a dominant bassline in my melodies. 

Q: Which artists have had the biggest influence in your development?

A: Forever and always will be Avril Lavigne. Through her music she gave me permission to be unapologetically myself with songs like “Anything but Ordinary” and “Nobody’s Fool”. She helped me to find out who I really was and to be the best version of it and I’ll always be grateful for that.

Q: What is it that draws you to creating music?

A: When it comes to my feelings and things that I’m connected to deeply I just can’t. Honestly I have emotional constipation and the only way that I can get things out is to write it down and sing it. I can’t stop doing that even if I wanted to – I obviously have a condition. 

Q: Tell us about your latest single “Is That Justified”. How did that all come together?

A: Oh boy! I wrote this over 10 years ago actually, I was really young and in a bad place. I stopped going to school, I didn’t want to deal with anybody, I was getting bullied by “family friends”. What I wanted was to be myself and have my music and  figure myself out but no one would let me. Everyone had an opinion on who and what I should be and my life was a constant war zone. So, I was up one night stressed out as hell thinking there is no freaking way this is justifiable. I wrote the song in a matter of minutes, said exactly how I felt at the moment and I let it go into the universe. 

Q: How do you hope to connect with your listeners on an emotional level?

A: My music is for the ones like me and I’ll tell the stories and sing the songs as honestly as I possibly can. Hopefully, like I did once, they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for.

Q: Give us some advice for other artists building a career with unique music?

A: Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to accomplishing it. I genuinely believe that we attract who we are and if you work hard and get your music out there and stay committed to improving your craft and your ability, the only limits on you, are the ones you impose on yourself. 

Q: What is next for Athyia Alna?

A: I don’t know I’m winging it haha ………. I’m releasing three more singles this year. I wanna do an EP for next year and possibly my first festival tour as well.

Keep up with the growing career of Athyia Alna HERE.

Broken 8 Records (Artist Feature)

Gabrielle Athyia Alna Stanislaus was born on October 24th, 1988 on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Finding work as a freelance writer to help support her music career, Athyia has spent the last several years making her mark on the music world.

While writing might bring in her paycheques, music has always been Athyia’s passion. It was one of the primal influences in her formative years, with Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ igniting her passion for music way back in 2002.

"Avril Lavigne is and always will be a major influence in my life. That was the point that I realized how deeply music can affect you on an emotional level" she said "since then it’s all I think about, it's all I dream about, it’s all I want to do for as long as I can do it".

Since then, Athyia’s taken on the roles of singer, songwriter, author and small business owner, pushing the boundaries of each role and constantly moving forwards her ultimate dream. Her first book, ‘The Letter’ was released in 2012’, followed by her debut single, ‘Another Day’ in 2014, a self-produced track that bloomed during some self-reflective time away from work.

It was the beginning of a new life for Athyia, and since the release of her single she’s gone on to complete her certificate in Music Theory, start her diploma, and brilliantly refine her skills in both songwriting and music production. With three singles currently released, including the vibrant alt. rock infused cut, ‘Is That Justified’.

So far, Athyia’s work has garnered acclaim from the likes of TNM Magazine and music website Stereo Stickman, proving beyond a doubt that her journey to fame and fortune are well under way.

With plans to self-published three more singles throughout 2019, it’s clear that ‘Is That Justified’ is only the beginning.

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Sterio Stickman (Song Review)

Athyia Alna offers up a freely creative presentation style with her music, this latest release feeling very much like an in the moment improvisation in some ways. There’s a notable level of space to the track, the set-up is minimalist and seems to showcase an almost live performance – a simple beat loops out in the backdrop, and meanwhile the artist plays a riff on the keys as a contrasting melody comes through vocally.

Without a doubt there’s a sense of identity to this sound, the keyboard style and the voice both pour through with unique qualities that would be quickly recognisable should you stumble upon further work from Athyia. There’s no strict genre that can be applied, really it’s this intimate and slightly sleepy, free-style kind of performance that drives things – the songwriting is the heart of it, the desire to express something in order to understand it better, or to be understood.

In this case, the song talks on toxic relationships – being hurt by those you thought could never hurt you. The quietness and personality of the vocal makes it a little difficult to pick out all of the lyrics the first time around, the melody isn’t quite as memorable as a classic pop release might be either, so you struggle to follow the rhythm of the notes along – something that tends to help lyrics stand a little taller. However, you come to notice that this is all part of the spontaneous set-up.

There are certain effects and flickers of detail that emerge to reinforce lyrical peaks, and it’s these rather than the standard, predictable melody type that gives the song weight. There’s a sense of artistry to the whole thing, it’s far from easy to expect, the song in full represents its underlying sentiment and that’s a fairly rare thing in music. It’s almost as if you’ve caught the artist at the height of this emotional turmoil, which makes it seem very real.

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Top Mega News (Press Release)

After her debut single Another Day in 2014 followed by another title You Bring The Dawn, Athyia’s trail on the music scene seemed to have run cold. After a 3 year silence, she’s set to kick of 2019 with a bang, releasing her first of 4 self-produced singles expected to be released this year entitled Is That Justified.

Athyia has remained true to her alternative/rock roots for this February 8th release. The piece heavily features electric bass guitar with a piercing rhythm and the haunting lyrics synonymous with the genre. We should expect nothing less from this talented budding artist.

The now 30-year-old was born and raised on the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Starting off in 2014 as a singer/songwriter, she now produces her own music and is ready to show more of what she has to offer in the music industry. Listing Avril Lavigne as one of her biggest inspirations, her music leans heavily towards standing up to the prejudice and judgments of others and learning to live comfortably in your own skin.

Athyia Alna says “I can’t wait for you guys to hear my new single Is That Justified on February 8th. It’s all about soaking up the emotions when you’ve been hurt by the persons you care the most about. 2019 is going to be a big year and I look forward to continuing to make music that’s relatable.”


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