Glossy Vinyl Sticker - White

This is a glossy vinyl sticker that is printed with an eco solvent printer and ink. It has a permanent acrylic adhesive to stay in place on any surface and features the a logo with the artist's name.

Fine Art Prints - 10 x 8 frame

If you enjoy the artist you may want a keepsake of this phase of creativity. Fine Art Prints allow you to keep selected logos that you can use as decorations or artwork in your room or office space.

Women's V neck - Baby Blue

For a relaxed every day look this baby blue v neck will go with just about anything and it sports the artist logo

Is That Justified - Single

I wrote this song during my "dark" days. It's tough when the people who seem to hurt you the most are the ones that you're supposed to count on to protect you and make you feel safe. When they slowly become the main cause for your pain you're left wondering how far they're willing to go before you break.

You Bring The Dawn - Single

I wrote you bring the dawn for a friend of mine. Her brother was in the hospital and they weren't sure he'd make it. I've never been good at saying how I feel and so I wrote this song and gave it to her. Its all the things things I wish I could have said not to comfort her but in an "I can't imagine what you're going through but I'm here you can let it out I'll get it"  kind of way. 


I think we've all been to this point at one time or another when its hard to say out loud how you feel so this song really means a lot to me and I hope it will to you too.

Another Day - mp3

This song is about having a relationship end but loving so many little things about that person that you both wish things were the way the used to be. You wish you could go back to when it worked because neither of you want to give up on that special love